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Drum Brake Repairs To Stop You On Time!

     drum brakes assembled correctly     Drum brakes are the first type of brakes installed on cars and trucks. They were the only type of brakes available for many years. Most drum brakes were operated by cables for many years but the effort to apply the brakes was far too great. When hydraulic technology became available car and truck manufacturers quickly switched to hydraulic brakes because they were so much more powerful. Cable brakes are still present on most cars and tucks though. They are used as parking/ emercency brakes on most vehicles.

     wheel cylinder cutawayAs I stated, modern drum brakes operate using hydraulic pressure. The brake master cylinder provides pressure on the brake fluid and forces it through steel brake lines to the brake brake wheel cylinders. The brake wheel cylinders have one or two pistons in small bored holes, (cylinders). The pistons utilize the pressure from the master cylinder. As the pistons travel from the brake fluid pressure they act upon two brake shoes. The shoes are specially ground to have a raduis that closely matches the inside raduis of a round, "brake drum". As the shoes are pressed into the brake drum the friction created slows down the wheel.

     One of the reasons that drum brakes remained popular even after disc brakes were invented is that there is a very large surface area for friction to take place. This is the reason that many large trucks use drum brakes. Also, as the components of a drum braking system are fairly low in cost, many lower priced automobiles and trucks use drum brakes. Because of their simplicity drum brakes are also used in many industrial applications such as fork lifts.

     Dodge drum brake assemblyAlthough drum brakes all do the sasme thing they also have something else in common. almost every manufacturer assembled the brakies differently. There are literally hundreds of different designs for drum brakes. Many younger automotive technicians will tell you that they don't replace drum brake components. When drum brakes are repaired by someone who is not propery trained for them they are assembeld incorrectly almost 90% of the time. This amazes me because there are literally millions of cars and trucks driving on the road every day using drum brakes. The technicians at Rock Bridge Automotive Service are very familiar with drum brakes. We are fully qualified and trained to make sure that your drum brakes will be repaired properly.

     We offer the most reasonable pricing for certified technicans to repair the drum brakes on your vehicle in Gallatin, Tennessee. I would suggest that you ask any technician who is going to repair any type of brakes on your vehicle to see his training credentials before they repair you vehicle. Don't let untrained mehcanis repair your brakes. You put your families, friends and yourself in your car or truck. Don't take chances with your brakes. Stop by our shop and look on the wall at our brake certifications. Talk to our technicians and you will quickly see why we are one of Sumner County's busiest brake repair shops. Ask any of the parts stores in Gallatin and they will all say great things about our work.

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