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heater core

Cooling System Repairs

     The cooling system cools the engine from overheating and warms the passengers of the vehicle. It consists of: the radiator, the water pump, The engine, and the cylinder head gasket. The engine is cooled with the help of the engine cooling fan or fan clutch, The ECM controls the operation of most cooling fans and that's very important to the operation of the car...

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check engine light

Check engine Light Repairs

     The Check engine light comes on whenever the the ECM or PCM detects a problem. The ECM, (or Engine Management Computer), monitors the engine at a rate of 528 times per second. This is actually SUPER-SLOW in real computer time. Compared to the device that you are using to read this. The ECM is capable and ready to HELP you diagnose the problem ...

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Car alternator

Automotive Electric Repairs

     We repair all phases of automotive electrical repair. We diagnose and repair: battery issues, alternators, starters, ignition components, wiring, relays, automotive computers, winshield wipers, heaters and air conditioners, lights, modules and automotive computers. We design and install custom wiring harnesses. I have an ASE Master Technician degree in automotive electrical repair...

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disc brake assembly


     The single most important system in the car is the braking system. We are automotive brake specialists. We repair all aspects of the braking system.

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Turbocharger/ Supercharger

We love turbocharger and supercharger installations. We have tons of experience and we can help you decide the best systems for

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LS Engine Swaps And Wiring

We rebuild LS ECM wiring harnesses for custom engine installations. We can actually re-wire or repair any wiring or electrical problems.

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     Automobiles use several SYSTEMS in order to operate correctly. The systems are generally: The braking system, the electrical system, the cooling system, the suspension system, the propulsion system, (engine, transmission, drive-line and differential), the entertainment system, temperature control system, safety restraint system, etc. I am a formally trained automotive technician. I was trained to repair ENTIRE SYSTEMS instead of just repairing components.

     What this means to you as a customer is that if you bring me your vehicle for a coolant leak, I am going to make sure that the entire cooling system is sealed up correctly before the car leaves. I am also going to make sure that the temperature sensor is reading the actual temperature of the coolant, that the radiator cap is working correctly, that the thermostat is operating correctly, the cooling fan is working and the engine cools down when the fan comes on. This ensures that the overall operation of the cooling SYSTEM is functioning well.

     I believe that my customers work very hard for their money and that I should provide professional, high quality repairs. We provide good quality auto repairs at a reasonable price. I don't work for the parts store so I have no reason to install parts that my clients don't need. The services that I offer are services that I perform very well. You won't see body work services, transmission rebuild services, or tires sales. I feel that those services are covered well by other businesses in the area. The automotive repair services that I provide are services that I have formal training in, am certified for, and perform well for my customers. Give us a call if you have any needs and you will be pleasantly surprised.