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The Brake Master Cylinder Is The Master Of The Brake System

     Hydraulic systems are a very powerful means of applying pressure. The invention of hydraulics made automotive braking systems much more powerful and effective. The brake master cylinder is responsible for taking the pressure that is applied by the driver's foot and multiplying that pressure. With the help of a brake booster and a a reasonable foot pressure applied to the brake pedal the hydraulic pressure produced by the brake master cylinder is usally about 1200 psi for a panic stop!

     The brake master cylinder accompllishes this pressure transformation in a very clever way. The master cylinder normally has a bore diameter between 3/4" and 1 1/2". The small amount of brake fluid inside of the master cylinder, (normally less than one square inch!) is forced through very small steel brake lines to the vaious brake components. The modern braking system has so much pressure applied from the master cylinder that various devices are used to actually reduce the braking pressure so as not to lock the tires.

     Do you really need to understand how the brake master cylinder works? No, not unless you plan on applying for a job at my shop. What you don't want is someone who doesn't completely understand how the brake master cylinder work performing your brake master cylinder repairs, or really any repairs on your braking system. the technicians at Rock Bridge Automotive Service are absolutely knowledgeable about every component in the braking system.Anyone who works for me must get ASE certification for brake repair. I thoroughly believe that someone that charges a customer even one dollar for brake repairs should be a certified professional. We have some of the most reasonable prices in the Gallatin, Tennessee area for brake repairs and our tech nicians are some of the best trained brake specialists in Tennessee. Bring your car or truck to Rock Bridge Automive Repair for all of your braking needs and when you NEED your brakes you will be glad that you did.

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