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Fun, Friends And More In Bethpage, Tennessee

     My name is Joe Spivey. Many people in this area already know me. I ran Ron's Automotive on South Water Avenue for many years. I enjoyed my time as a mechanic and as a Service Manager at Ron's Automotive and I sometimes find myself missing those old times. I had a good run while working for Ron Richardson and was sad to see him retire. Though I had a lot of experience when I went to work for Ron's Automotive, I learned a lot of things from Ron. I bring that knowledge with me not only at the shop, but in life in general.

     I bought Templeton's Garage on the corner of Rock Bridge Road and Red Tuttle Road. (It's actually located just outside of the city of Gallatin, in Bethpage, Tennessee.) Templeton's Garage has a great reputation from the work that Jim Templeton and Tim Oakley did there for many years. I am proud to be continuing that tradition in this cool, old, shop.

     I have built a great reputation for repairing vehicles while I was at Ron's Automotive which I am very proud of. I came to Gallatin from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2012. When I was in Fort Lauderdale I owned one of the largest auto repair shops in the city. (All Hours Automotive was the only 24 hour repair shop in Broward County!) I had formal training at Porsche and have been repairing cars, trucks, motorcycles, airboats, swamp buggies, lawnmowers, line trimmers, and just about anything else that my clients brought me for the last forty years.

     I have a tremendous amount of formal training in Automotive Repair. I didn't become a mechanic by accident. It is my field of choice. I have graduated college with a degree as an Automotive Technician. I am an ASE Certified Master Technician. I have MACS Certification as well. I have been to dozens of factory Porsche certification courses, at least a hundred training certificate courses, forty years of, "school of hard knocks" training, and six years at, "School of Ron".

     I have always believed that my clients work really hard for their money. I was trained to always give my clients a good value for their money and not to just, "throw parts" at their equipment. I believe that it's important to show my clients exactly what they are paying for with their auto repairs. I give accurate estimates and I make phone calls before those estimates change.

     I see our clients at the movie theaters, the grocery stores, the gas stations and at local churches and restaraunts in Gallatin. I am never nervous about doing business with people that I see every day because I believe in the work that we do. I enjoy seeing my customers and they seem to enjoy seeing me. I work very hard to keep it that way.

Small Town Automotive Repair Shop

     Because my shop is a small shop with low overhead, I can offer reasonable prices. We offer a tremendous amount of automotive services for our clients. Though we are a small shop in a small town, we have all of the equipment to take care of modern vehicles. We have the latest tools and equipment for fuel injected, climate controlled, vehicles. We also repair the older carbureted vehicles as well. We can repair distributors, differentials, and anything else in the car that needs repair.