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Holley Carburetor

     A carburetor is basically a block of metal with holes drilled in it which is used to mix air and fuel together in a controlled manner. Carburate is a french word which means: "To mix with air". We here at Rock bridge automotive Repar repair carburetors from: Solex, Zenith, Autolite, Carter, Rochester, Holley, Stromberg, Edelbrock, Mikuni, Keihin, Tecumseh and more.

Same Idea With So Many Ways To Get It Done

     Though mercedes Benz made the first automobile, the French made the first running gasoline internal cumbustion engine. The first gasoline engine was just an idea that was built by a few inventors. They thought that if they added fuel with a spark just before the piston reached top dead center that the engine would run. The engine did start and run. In fact it started and immediately began to gain speed. it went faster and faster until the designers quickly realized that it was going to continue to gain speed until it blew up. the engineers barely got out of the room alive! They had forgotten to add a Throttle plate to limit the amount of air that the engine could take in! Every engine manufactured since then has had some sort of limiting device to control engine RPM.

     As I stated the Germans created the first car but the French maintained their head start on carburation. Almost every design of carburetor in the first half of the twentieth century can trace their origins to the french. Still the whole worlsd designed carburetors and they all did it differently. Below you can see just a very small sampling of carburetors. You can easily see that the designs vary greatly. Still, as i stated before, the only purpose of the carburetor is to mix air with fuel in a controlled manner.

     single barrel carburetor