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1935 Ford Truck

Rock Bridge Automotive Specials

disc brakes

Disc Brake Special!

We offer great brake specials for Gallatin and surrounding areas. All of our repair work is done by qualified technicians, not pimply faced kids.

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check engine light

Check engine Lights

Free Check engine light testing! We never charge our customers for checking their codeslikw other shops do.

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oil can

Oil Changes and Inspections

You only see the top of your vehicle every day. We have a firm belief that someone should occasionally look at the bottom!

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check engine light

High Performance Planning

Rock Bridge Automotive can plan out and schedule a realistic plan for any high performance modifications that you want to do to your car or truck

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Turbocharger/ Supercharger

We love turbocharger and supercharger installations. We have tons of experience and we can help you decide the best systems for

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LS And Cayote Engine Swaps

We can do custom wiring harnesses for custom engine installations. We can actually re-wire or repair most any wiring or electrical problem.

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Rock Solid Auto Care From Rock Bridge Automotive!

We Treat You, Like Our Neighbors!

(Because You Probably Are!)
We see our customers everywhere! At the local bars, movie theaters, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, churches, and more!

     2015 Dodge ChallengerRock Bridge Automotive is a full service automotive repair shop servicing the vehicles of Gallatin, Portland, Castillian Springs, and Bethpage, Tennessee.

Auto Repair for The Old And The New!

We repair all types of cars and light trucks and all types of problems. We have the latest in diagnostic tools so that we can repair 2021 vehicles. We also still have carburetor tools, differential rebuild tools, distributor tools, and a whole bunch more that apply to new or old vehicles. We can adjust the points on your 1971 Volkswagen Beetle or we can diagnose the trouble codes on your 2021 F350.

      I am a Master ASE Certified Technician. I was first certified in 1981. Back then we were still getting questions on points and condensers! At the same time I was trained for fuel injection. Fuel injection and electronic controls are not new. Mechanical fuel injection has been around since World War II. Mercedes Benz started using electronic fuel injection in 1965. Volkswagen started using electronic fuel injection in the type three model in 1967. Since that time every car manufacturer has switched from carburation to fuel injection.

     Fuel injection and electronic diagnosis and repair is nothing new to us. Most of the sensors present on that 1967 Volkswagen are still present in today's systems. They still do the same things. Almost all of the fuel injection, igniton and emissions systems in use today has been in production for twenty years or more.

      We do a ton of automotive electrical repairs. Since the very first engine ever made had electrical components, it has always amazed me how many mechanics don't understand electricity. We will happily repair your automotive electrical problems. I have repaired thousands of automotive electrical problems in Gallatin. If you have an automotive electrical problem, (or any other type of automotive problem) bring it to us and it won't be a problem anymore.

      We have the latest in diagnostic equipment. We are fully capable of diagnosing and repairing your vehicle, old or new. We can genrally diagnose what's going on in your car or truck either right away in the shop, or with just one test drive to the top of our hill and back. (Experience has it's advantages).

     I have always felt that our clients work very hard for their money. We don't just, "throw parts" at our clients vehicles. I take great pride in repairing automobiles for the people of Gallatin, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. Come by and talk with us if you have a chance. You won't be disappointed.

2015 Challenger

Diplomas And Graduations

There are a lot of great home schooled mechanics in Tennessee. I personally chose to study formally

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Total Vehicle Restorations

Don't trust your vehicle restoration to someone who doesn't do this on a regular basis. We can completely restore your cool vintage car or your, "retro-rod". We look at each vehicle

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Constant Studies

Whether it's high performance, old cars or new, domestic or imported. We are constantly studying and learning

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Custom Auto Wiring

Want to add a digital dash, fog lights, off road lights or an air horn system with a compressor? We can modify, install or repair any wiring system or any need that you have.

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