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208 Louise Ave Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075 Tel: 615-946-2079
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Engine Repair

Hendersonville Muffler can handle all of your engine repair and replacement needs

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Hendersonville Muffler can tackle all of your brake and suspension repair needs

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Don't get caught having some young "pimple faced kid" doing your maintenance.

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About Us

About Hendersonville Muffler


Ron Richardson opened Hendersonville Muffler in 1985 in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. He moved the shop to Hendersonville, Tennessee in 1991. Since then the results have been great. Hendersonville Muffler has been performing quality automotive repairs on cars and trucks in Hendersonville, Tennessee since 1991.

Ron Richardson is known at all of the local drag racing tracks as "The Professor". Ron has enjoyed a very successful racing career for over 20 years. When I say successful I mean that Ron won enough races to pay for the car and make a profit. People will tell you that you can't make any money drag racing cars. Ron would just lean over and say "That's because they are loading their car back on the trailer to go home"!

Ron is the son of an auto mechanic. He was working on cars from an early age. He told me that when hanging around the shop you needed to be on good behavior because if his father had to whip you he would use the old spark plug wires he had laying around the shop. (Remember older cars used copper spark plug wires not the resistor wires we have today)! It was at this early age that Ron learned that there are 2 kinds of people working on cars. The first type works on cars. The second type FIXES cars.

Ron went into the Army and spent a few years jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and helicopters. I always suspected that this was where Ron lost a few of his marbles. He came home and would jump off the roof of the house to show off for his mom. I appreciate any man or woman who serves our country and Ron losing a few of his marbles probably came in handy when he started racing. Sensible people do not build and race cars that fast. It takes a special kind of stupid to drive race cars!

Ron started working at a Ford dealership and worked his way to the respected position of Service Manager. Ron was responsible for watching the technicians and making sure all of the work that was done at the dealership was done correctly. This is where Ron learned to watch the work being done. A successful shop owner must RUN the shop. Running the shop and working on the cars are 2 different jobs and Ron graduated to being an excellent shop owner. Ron carefully watches over all of the repairs that go through his shop to make sure that all repairs are done with high quality.

At Hendersonville Muffler we perform high quality auto repairs on cars and trucks in the Hendersonville, Tennessee area. We can repair: Braking systems including ABS systems, electrical repairs, emissions repairs, check engine light repairs, suspension repairs, strut and shock replacement or repair, ball joints, tie rod ends, steering racks, engine repair, engine replacement, water pumps, radiators, hoses, thermostats, air conditioning, climate control systems, heaters, interior repairs, stereo systems and any other problem you can have with a car or truck in Hendersonville, Tennessee. There is no better choice to bring your car or truck in Hendersonville, Tennessee than Hendersonville Muffler.

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