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Engine Repair

Hendersonville Muffler can handle all of your engine repair and replacement needs

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Hendersonville Muffler can tackle all of your brake and suspension repair needs

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Don't get caught having some young "pimple faced kid" doing your maintenance.

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Tune Ups/ Minor And Major Engine Repairs in Hendersonville


Qualty Tune Ups And Engine Repairs At Great Prices

The mechanics at Ron’s Automotive have been tuning up cars and trucks since the 1950’s. Ron opened the shop up in Mount Juliet, Tennessee 1985 but he was working on cars and trucks and tuning them up way before that. Ron's father was a mechanic and Ron saw points and condensors being changed way before we had the electronics of today.

Ron worked on cars even before he spent years in the military jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and helicopters. When he got back from the Army it wasn't long before he was repairing cars.

In the old days we used to adjust the dwell in points and adjust and repair carburetors but as cars became more complex we changed with the times and we learned to repair fuel injection systems and the modern engine management systems that cars and trucks are using today. Hendersonville, Tennessee may be a small town but we have the same modern, sophisticated automobiles and truck you will find anywhere. Automotive technologies change and evovlve constantly and we keep up with the latest automotive technologies as they come into production.

Maybe I Don't Need A Tune Up?

Cars and trucks used to need a tune up every 3,000 miles and whenever the weather changed. Modern cars and trucks only need to be tuned up every 30,000 to 100,000 miles (there are big differences between different models now). In the Hendersonville, Tennessee area the miles add up quickly. When you believe that your car or truck is ready for a tune up there is no better location to bring it to than Ron’s Automotive. Not only have we tuned up thousands of cars and trucks but we look over the cars to make sure that a tune up is really what you need. Many of our customers bring us in the car when it starts running differently. Customers will tell us "it just doesn't run the same". We have the experience to catch small problems before they become major engine repairs and we fix cars we don't just work on them. We find small vacuum leaks, clogged fuel filters, ignition timing problems and poor connections cause a lot of problems. These are basically the same problems cars have been having since the invention of the car. We keep the repairs as simple as it really is because we diagnose cars every day and fix them for reasonable prices

Engine Repairs

When minor or major engine repairs are required we are the obvious choice. We have rebuilt thousands of engines and all of this experience benefits our customers. Regardless of how well the engine worked when it was new almost all cars will eventually need minor or major repairs. We can perform valve jobs, cylinder head or engine replacement, timing chain and timing belt replacements, water pumps and hoses, oil leaks, air conditioning repairs, alternator and charging system repairs, and any other engine repairs you need. We are you choice for engine repair in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

· Engine repairs require qualified, experienced technicians and Ron’s Automotive is your best choice for Sumner County, Tennessee car and truck repairs.

· We have the diagnostic equipment and experience to tell you if you really need the engine repair or if your problem is caused by electrical problems or the PCM incorrectly adjusting a component of the engine

· For major and minor repairs on your car or truck engine you want the most qualified technicians in Hendersonville repairing you vehicle

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