Hendersonville Muffler Hendersonville, Tennessee

1472-B South Water Avenue Hendersonville, Tennessee 37066 Tel: 615-946-2079
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Engine Repair

Hendersonville Muffler can handle all of your engine repair and replacement needs

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Hendersonville Muffler can tackle all of your brake and suspension repair needs

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Don't get caught having some young "pimple faced kid" doing your maintenance.

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Trouble Code Repairs

Trouble Code Repairs in Hendersonville, Tennessee At Hendersonville Muffler


Hendersonville Muffler does not work on cars and trucks. We FIX cars and trucks. Hendersonville Muffler has been repairing cars and trucks here in Hendersonville, Tennessee since 1991 and we are very experienced at trouble code repairs. We used to repair the fuel injection and emission systems before cars had trouble codes. In 1986 General Motors starting using a system they named the ALDL or Assembly Line Data Connector to help technicians diagnose the electronic control systems on cars and trucks. The Automotive Society of Engineers together with the United States governement later made a requirement that all cars and light trucks sold in the US must supply data to an assembly line data connector. Automotive repair shops started buying small computers called scanners to read the information and trouble codes and help the technicians repair the electronic systems on cars and trucks. The main problem with this system was that every manufacturer designed the system differently and repair shops had to buy new equipment for each car or truck manufacturer every year.

In 1996 a new system of diagnosing the trouble codes came into existance world wide called OBD2. The OBD2 system allowed technicians to test any car with the same connector. The new system

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