Hendersonville Muffler Hendersonville, Tennessee

1472-B South Water Avenue Hendersonville, Tennessee 37066 Tel: 615-946-2079
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Engine Repair

Hendersonville Muffler can handle all of your engine repair and replacement needs

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Hendersonville Muffler can tackle all of your brake and suspension repair needs

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Don't get caught having some young "pimple faced kid" doing your maintenance.

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Starter Repair

Starters And Starting System Repairs In Hendersonville, Tennessee


Since 1991 We have been repairing starters on cars and trucks in Hendersonville, Tennessee. If the car or truck doesn't start the fun is basically over. Even really cool cars don't look that good when they don't start anymore!

When electric starters started being used in cars there was usally a button in the floor to operate the starter. As cars became more sophisticated an ignition key was used to keep the car from driving off without you in it. Cars and trucks today have more sophisticated electrical systems with computer controlled security systems that can be damaged by improper tests and the starter has FULL battery voltage at all times in most cars.

Don't trust your valuable car or truck to just anyone with a wrench. Cars and trucks, (and the parts that fix them) cost too much to guess when it comes time to have your starter repaired. We do not guess what is wrong with the car or truck. We diagnose and repair exactly what the car needs. We check out the starter, alternator, charging system and associated cables very quickly. We have the latest, coolest tools do diagnose modern, (or actually any) car or truck electrical system.

If you need starter repairs on your car or truck in Hendersonville, Tennessee you should bring your vehicle to Hendersonville Muffler. We have been repairing cars and trucks in Hendersonville, Tennessee since 1991. We have thousands of satisfied clients in the Hendersonville, Tennessee area. Stop by and find out why the people of Hendersonville, Tennessee have been having us repair their cars and trucks for over 20 years.

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