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Engine Repair

Ron's Automotive can handle all of your engine repair and replacement needs

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Ron's Automotive can tackle all of your brake and suspension repair needs

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Don't get caught having some young "pimple faced kid" doing your maintenance.

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Oil Changes and Lubrication

Oil Changes and Lubrication Services in Gallatin, Tennessee


"Quality automotive repairs services in Gallatin, Tennessee since 1991"

The oil change is one of the most important job being done on your car or truck. Ron's Automotive has done thousands of oil changes on cars and trucks here in Gallatin, Tennessee since they opened up in 1991.

Dont Let Any Fool With A Socket Set Change your Oil

Many people believe that it is a good idea to have the oil changed at the absolute cheapest place. The oil change and lubrication is the best time to have your car or truck inspected. Anything and everything that needs to be lubricated during the oil change should be done at this time. You should have a quality, experience automotive technician do all of the auto repairs on your car or truck and the oil change is a very important job. you should not have the youngest, least experienced person, (someone with a nickname like "Pimples") do your oil change and lubrication services.

Get The Right Oil In Your Car For Gallatin, Tennessee Weather

The oil is the life blood of your car or truck. With temperatures here in Gallatin, Tennessee ranging from 0° to over 100° you need a technician who knows what the correct type of oil is best for each season. We look for the correct viscosity of the oil for your particular car and many cars use different oils depending on the temperature outside. We can advise you if your car or truck is one of these vehicles. We check the cooling system of the cars and trucks that come in for oil changes to make sure they are not going to freeze in the winter or boil over in the summer.

Car Inspections For Gallatin, Tennessee Hills And Hollers

You also need to have the entire vehicle inspected while the oil is draining. The technicians at Ron's Automotive can give your car a thorough inspection in a short amount of time. We are professional mechanics who know what to look for. The oil change service is the proper time to check the car or truck over to make sure it will be safe for the next 3,000 miles. If anything is squeaking this is the time to lubricate it or inspect to see if it is defective. If we see leaks now is the time to check that system and see if it has enogh fluid. None of the systems in your car will perform better if they run out of fluid!

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