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Engine Repair

Hendersonville Muffler can handle all of your engine repair and replacement needs

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Hendersonville Muffler can tackle all of your brake and suspension repair needs

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Don't get caught having some young "pimple faced kid" doing your maintenance.

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Emission Repairs

Emission Repair For Sumner County Inspections


The US Government created the Environmental Protection Agency in 1967. The first EPA mandates were that you had to run a PCV valve to vent the crankcase fumes to the intake system of the engine. We repaired these systems and have been repairing every required system the auto manufacturers and the EPA have installed in vehicles since then. Starting from the beginning has been an advantage because we didn’t learn everything at one time. We learned the emission systems and emission system repairs one at a time as each new emission component was introduced .

Don’t have the people at the auto parts store or your friend who “knows about cars” diagnose your car or truck at your expense. We have the tools and knowledge to repair your emissions systems without guesswork. We can find exactly what the problem is and repair the correct components. We don’t just install parts. Most of the customers who try to repair the cars before they bring them to us replace parts unnecessarily. Many of them paid someone even though the problem is not fixed just because they don’t want to see the person who did the work not get paid something for their efforts.

· We have the most modern equipment available to diagnose your car or truck emissions system.

· We have been repairing emissions systems since 1967 so we have the experience necessary to repair your system.

· We constantly keep updating our tools and training to keep up with the changes made by the manufacturers.

· We understand exactly how the emissions systems work, how to diagnose them, and how to repair them.

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