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Engine Repair

Hendersonville Muffler can handle all of your engine repair and replacement needs

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Hendersonville Muffler can tackle all of your brake and suspension repair needs

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Don't get caught having some young "pimple faced kid" doing your maintenance.

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Master Cylinder Repairs

Brake Master Cylinder Repairs In Hendersonville, Tennessee


The Brake Master Cylinder Is The Master Of The Braking System

The brake master cylinder sits on the front side of the engine fire wall directly in the back of the brake pedal in most cars. Your foot applies pressure to the brake pedal and this pressure is applied to the brake master cylinder. It is the beginning of all of the braking action in your car or truck.

At Hendersonville Muffler we have replaced thousands of brake master cylinders since we moved here in 1991. We have also had a lot of customers come to our shop telling us that the master cylinder was bad when the real problem was brake adjusters not working, anti-lock brake components that were not working or were out of adjustment, or bad brake lines. The brakes in your car are by far the most important system in the vehicle. We completely understand hydraulic theory and the physical operation of the braking system.

The master cylinder is basically a block of metal, (usually aluminum but some old ones were made of steel), with a bunch of holes drilled in it. When you apply your foot to the brake pedal the pedal assembly pushes a rod in the center of the brake master cylinder called the piston assembly. The piston assembly has rubber seals in it so that it fits tight enough to force the fluid to travel the same direction the piston does. This means you put your foot down and the fluid travels forward in the cylinder and forces the wheel cylinders or the caliper pistons out. When you let your foot off of the brake pedal the brake master cylinder piston travels backwards and relieves the pressure from the wheel cylinders and caliper pistons. The system is very basic and the good news is you don't have to understand how the system works. We understand it very well and we will diagnose and repair any braking system problems quickly and for a reasonable price.

I have watched mechanics bleed a braking system for 3 days trying to figure out why the system was not working correctly. If you can't figure out what is wrong with ANY braking system in less than 1/2 hour you need to go back to school, (or go to school for mechanics for the first time). We have trained technicians working in our shop who can tell you reliably what is wrong with your braking system in just a few minutes. We live in a small town here in Hendersonville, Tennessee. It is a small town but it is too big to walk around so our clients need their cars to be fixed quickly and correctly. We have developed a great reputation for repairing cars and trucks here in Hendersonville, Tennessee by providing excellent automotive repair services for fair prices. Come in and see why our customers have been so satisfied since 1991.

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